Psychological Support for Drivers in Polish Police (ebook)


Abstract. The objective of this article is to present an issue of psychological support for drivers, including drivers of emergency vehicles in the Polish Police. The publication will include preliminary results of scientific research conducted among senior management in the Polish Police – Regional Police Commanders and their deputies. Furthermore, the outline of support system concerning drivers’ psychological tests created in Polish Police will be presented. The research described in this article has been financed from the funds allocated for the implementation of a research project of Police Academy in Szczytno „Development of a system supporting psychological tests for drivers in the Police” No. DOB-BIO7/20/01/2015. The project has been developed by a scientific-industry consortium and is financed from the funds of National Centre for Research and Development under the call for proposals no. 7/2015 for development and financing projects for defence and security of the state. The project aims to produce a system supporting psychological studies of police drivers, including drivers of emergency vehicles in the Police, in accordance with current legislation. The system will be implemented in a network technology that facilitates direct cooperation with the Police Data Transmission Network, which will provide the basis for the independence and security of acquiring and storing data. The system will enable testing without additional equipment apart from an appropriately configured computer set. It will be equipped with a device to calibrate the response time measurement methodology. The system will allow assessment of intellectual ability, psychomotor skills and personality using the objective, standardized and normalized tools of proven accuracy, with reliability above 0.7, on a group of police drivers.

Keywords: research, driver, psychology transport, security, information, Police