Security Issues as a Part of University Teacher Training (ebook)


Abstract. The following article deals with the problem of integrating security issues into the study programme of faculties training teachers in individual fields of education. It evaluates the current status of the development of the issues at the level of interdepartmental cooperation of the selected state administration institutions. Based on exploratory research by the Czech School Inspectorate, the current status of the implementation of security issues into schools and educational establishments is described. The ongoing pilot verification of the e-learning module in security issues at the Faculty of Education of Charles University in Prague is also introduced. The article contains statistical data from the statutory research task, which was carried out in the form of a diagnostic survey involving the staff and students of the Charles University in Prague. The research was dedicated to the issues of educating the teaching staff of the Czech education system in the field of safety issues, with particular emphasis on the safety of students and educational institutions. The article also presents the level of knowledge and practical skills of primary school teachers in the field of responding to crisis situations that may occur in the school environment, e.g active shooter.

Keywords: security literacy, accreditation processes, health and safety, university teacher training