System of Using of the Criminalistics Method in Slovakia to Verify Testimony on the Spot (ebook)


Abstract. The primary goal of the study is to conduct analyses, on the basis of theoretical and empirical knowledge to describe the level of using and processing the verifying testimony on the spot in the Slovak criminalistics. For this method, it is typical that it is less frequent for use in investigative practice. The research, which was significantly larger than the results published here, shows that there is relatively little knowledge about this method among the police. Another important knowledge from research is the interest in the method in general, but its immediate application can be imagined by considerably fewer police officers. The secondary goal was to find out lacks and troubles in practical applying the verifying testimony on the spot, in the process of investigating crimes in Slovakia last years. The specific part of the study and research is also devoted to the history of the development of the concept and content of the method. These are very important parts of the study. They help to understand not only the formal legal definition in the legal regulation but also the true nature of the method and its structure. The author makes short concepts to propose changes necessary for effective using the verifying testimony on the spot in the Slovak police practice however mainly in the process of investigation. This study is a partial output for research výsk. 151.

Keywords: testimony on the spot, historical aspects, criminalistics principles, shortfalls, difficulties, criminal investigation.