The Evolving Protection of Borders of the Reborn Second Republic of Poland (ebook)


Abstract. The Second Republic of Poland, after regaining independence as a new state and creating state structures, faced many serious challenges. Barely formed boundaries required effective protection as soon as possible. An important problem was the process of gradually gaining power over the borders. While its protection system was developing on the western border, regular military operations continued in the east. This task was not facilitated by the incompletely resolved border conflicts and the ethnically patchy population living in the border areas. One of the most serious problems was the lack of experience in protecting the state borders caused by the loss of independence. For the above reasons, the process of developing the border protection system of the Second Polish Republic lasted several years. How difficult that task was is shown by the number of border formations that were brought into existence at that time, subjecting them to various modifications. As a consequence, due to difficult relations between the Republic and neighboring states, the developed system of border protection was not uniform. It also had to face still not fully stabilised situation in Europe.

Keywords: Second Republic of Poland, border development, border protection system, border agencies