The Permissibility of Interventions Into Fundamental Rights and Freedoms in the Exercise of Police and Security Activities (ebook)


Abstract. This scientific study is part of research no. 130 Metenko Jozef, Methods of research and development of police activities, research no. 201 Metenko Jozef, Strengthening of European coordination in the field of national security research programmes for major events, research no.182 Metenko Jozef, Administrative practice for dialogue and communication, as the strategic principles of police activities for political manifestation and research no.173 Metenko Jozef, Coordination of national research and policy to ensure security in major events in Europe. The scientific study deals with the issue of police interventions into fundamental rights and freedoms as a result of police activities connected to the execution of tasks and duties of police officers, and also with other provisions of the Act on the Police Force. The authors consider the rule of law to be synonymous with constitutional or legitimate governance and which also characterises the exercise of state authority on the basis of constitutionally issued laws. The authors associate police interventions with the protective function of the state, establish conditions for interference with fundamental rights and freedoms from the perspective of police activity which compliance with, or breaching of, indicates whether the particular rights and freedoms are violated or not by the intervention. Subsequently, the authors identified the concepts of prevention and prophylaxis, which they interpret on the basis of chosen international scientific results and conclusions.

Keywords: human rights and freedoms, interference with human rights and freedoms, police activity, a legitimate aim, prevention and prophylaxis